Buying Steps


Phone assessment (10-15 minutes)

The first step in our communication involves taking the time to understand your buying journey. Where you currently are in the decision, what your expected timeline looks like and how well you know what it entails.

Buyer Consultation (45-60 minutes)

Once we have a basic understanding of your needs, we meet in person. You will receive a set of questions in advance that will help you and us navigate the meeting in an organized and efficient way. This will allow us to focus on what's most important and to make the best use of your time.
We will go deeper into understanding your current reality and where you want to be. We will explain to you how we will help you to achieve your goals and all the aspects that are key in the purchase process.

Market Experience Tours

As most buyers are not knowledgeable of all areas that could be a fit, we offer to do 2 - 3 tours for them to sample what they can get for their budget in different locations. This helps them and us to narrow down the search and focus on the characteristics and locations they're really comfortable with. It's like a "Reality funnel". This step also allows our clients to know how we work and it is a mutual way to realize if both we are all good fit for each other. We believe that chemistry is important to build trust in a relationship. We want our clients to feel at ease knowing that they can decide to choose to work with us after experiencing what we have to offer.

Signing of retainer (Buyer Representation Agreement)

This is one of the documents that is explained during our in-person meeting (Buyer Consultation). The BRA ensures that the representing brokerage will be bound by the fiduciary duty to follow our clients’ lawful instructions, protect your confidential information, and promote your best interests in a transaction. In return, as a client, the buyer (you) agrees to negotiate any offers through us as their sales representatives, and the brokerage will submit offers on your behalf. **

The real search begins

Having gathered all the information and experience of the first 3 steps, we can now focus on what our buyer clients really want and start visiting those properties that better match their criteria. In order to support this process, we use real-time tools that will let them know as soon as a property that meets the characteristics they're looking for hit the market. We also run constant searches within our own brokerage and network of agents for properties that are not listed on MLS (Exclusive Listings), and, if possible, provide our clients with access to these properties before they even come to the market. And since priority access is key in any type of market, we make sure we can preview those properties that are most likely to sell faster and report back to our clients so they can decide whether they will visit them or not, helping them to make better use of their time.

We find your dream home and is time to present an offer.

At this stage our buyer client has already gone through a process that includes thorough analysis and information, and we have provided them with the tools to make the best decision. All documents involved in the purchase have been explained and we assist our clients to decide on the terms including the price they want to offer, the deposit amount, conditions, possession, and additional clauses. We also explore together the possible outcomes in the event they decide to add or remove certain terms of conditions (Especially under multiple-offer scenarios).

It is of utmost importance that before deciding on a price, our clients know how their offer compares to what is perceived as "market value". Market value is dynamic and largely influenced by changes in the market. With this objective in mind, we prepare a Comparative Market Analysis in order to provide guidance to our buyers. This report reflects what the market value of the property is based on recent sales of similar properties in the area they are buying.

A CMA is not an appraisal rather it is a guide of how the property stands in the market in terms of value based on current market conditions. Having this at hand allows the buyers to offer a price that is aligned with the market and one that they are comfortable with, considering also their financial situation.

Once all this is done, the offer is ready to be signed by our clients. The documents are sent to them electronically to collect their signatures.


Your offer has been accepted

There is no bigger joy in the purchase process than when you hear that your clients' offer has been accepted. Seeing or listening to them when we convey the news is a moment full of happiness and fulfillment. Once the offer is accepted we send all documents to the parties involved for closing to take place (their mortgage broker and lawyer mainly). If conditions need to be fulfilled like a financing, inspection, sale of a property or status certificate condition, we follow up with each specialist so conditions are removed in a timely manner and the Buyer doesn't have to build any extra anxiety to have these steps completed.

The conditions are removed, your offer is firm!

Once our clients have fulfilled all and any conditions in their offer, that means the offer is now firm and we start preparing for closing date. The date on which they will take possession of their wonderful home.

Our job during this period, is to lay out the steps that they get to take between going firm and possession date. Making sure that they know what to do and when to do it. Some of the items include: 1. Obtaining home insurance for their new home, 2. Booking cleaning services for after closing, 3. Transferring utilities, 4. Making sure their mail is redirected to the new address 5. Booking movers, elevators (if buying a condo), filling up registration forms; among other things.


Closing date/Possession Date

This is the date on which the buyers receive the keys to their new home and the title gets transferred to their name. There are a few things to keep in mind on this date and we make sure to point them out to them to make sure there are no surprises and the date runs smoothly.

Their lawyer will provide instructions about how and when to obtain the keys, and they will be informed by the lawyer as well as soon as closing takes place.


Our service post-closing

The beauty of our business is that we have the joy to meet amazing people and help them throughout this important process. Our job doesn't end when you take possession of your home. We continue to be in contact and provide you with information, tools, assistance, and access to contacts to address any situations you might need help with. We want YOU to be happy in your new home, and you deserve the love and service we provide.

The time is now

Let us guide you on your Real Estate journey.