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Through the past few months we have successfully helped two of your neighbours with the sale of their homes at Towns on Curzon. We are pleased to have enabled them to fulfill their new housing goals in a timely manner and achieved improved price benchmarks for the townhouses. 

In doing so, we have pleasantly discovered the close-knit community that exists here and would like to help further enhance your experience as a resident. 

We’d like to invite you to join our Curzon VIP Resident Community, where we look forward to regularly providing you with perks from neighbourhood businesses you love, updated information about how your home values evolve and potentially sponsoring future community initiatives. 

Given the unique nature and features of the homes at Towns on Curzon, we believe that townhouses that become available for sale, should be properly presented by agents that are familiar with them. 

This will help ensure that the details that add value to your homes, are properly conveyed to new prospective residents and in doing so, property values are protected and continuously improved. 

      We look forward to partnering with you and actively participating in creating community together!

Claudia & Jose

Love Where You Live!

Join our Curzon VIP Resident Community

Simply get in touch with us by completing your information below. Your first perk, a $20 Gift Card from KASPACE CAFE will be emailed to you shortly after your information is received.

KASPACE CAFE is an amazing community hotspot we know you’ll enjoy and is conveniently located right down the street!