Selling Steps


Phone assessment (10-15 minutes)

This step allows us to confirm what's the urgency of the sale. If sale plans are between 3-6 months we move onto step 2.

Seller Consultation (45-60 minutes)

We meet with the Seller at the property. We run the same 3 levels of assessment we use for the Buyer in order to qualify the Seller, but most importantly we LISTEN:
Their current reality (what they're selling, who's involved in the decision making, financials, touring the property to see what needs to be done, Etc.)
Where they want to be (will they buy again, will they move away, Etc.)
Dig deeper with questions (why they want to sell, what's important of each aspect, Etc.) and we explain how the process works.

CMA and instructions for offers

Price, commission and marketing are usually the most important topics. At what price the property will sell is based on both the expectations of the seller but most importantly, what the market can respond to. We prepare a CMA to guide our sellers in regards to market value and for them to have a reality check. However, the CMA is only a reference, once an offer is received we use negotiation techniques and tactics to maximize the price our sellers receive for their properties. We do not represent 2 parties at the same time, on the selling side we rather represent the interests of our seller, and any buyer that wants to approach us directly, is referred to another agent so he/she can also have his/her interests represented.

We explain why a commission is charged and what the commission includes (list of services and expenses we incur in order to sell the property, at the end of the day we do not pocket in the total commission).

We explain what the marketing plan is an what it includes. Once all this is agreed and explained we move to the next step.

We listen to what's important for the seller for visits to take place and we explain what's important for him to keep in mind to maximize the number and effectiveness of visits to the property. We take note of instructions and explain also how the appointment process works (who notifies, how the seller will be notified, what to do when he/she's notified of an appointment).


Retaining our services (Listing Agreement) and setting up a timeline

During the Seller Consultation, we explained all documents involved to list and sell a property. Once all terms have been reviewed, we prepare the Listing Documents that will allow us to promote the property for sale and offer it publicly. Documents are sent electronically, however, if the client requires a paper copy, we accommodate him/her and print the documents.

Also, it's important that the Seller knows what to expect and the time frame within we need to work to accomplish the results. We provide them with a written timeline which includes the dates and number of days for each one of the activities below:

- Explaining and signing of documents and setting up an offer date (if any).
- We take some pictures and work on the floor plan with the stager for staging and accessorizing.
- Decluttering & depersonalizing.
- Fixing & painting: we do a thorough assessment of the property and what needs to be done for us to sell it fast and for the best price, if needed we connect the seller with the trades to fix what needs to be fixed and bring a handyman to complete the jobs. If it's a house and the backyard / front yard need maintenance, we bring a landscaper to fix and enhance the curb appeal of the property on the outside.
- Cleaning: Cleaning of the property to make sure the staging can take place.
-Staging & accessorizing: we come with the stager to make sure all things are in order.
- Video, photography & 3D tour for online and social media marketing: we arrange with professionals to do this job.
- Brochures and printed material are prepared to be ready at the same time we upload to MLS and social media channels.
- Putting up for sale sign and interior signs ("Please remove your shoes", "Please leave lights as found", "Please don't use the bathroom" Etc). For outside signs in houses, we have a service that places our For Sale signs.
- Open houses (3 types):
- Agents' open house
- Wine & Cheese on a Thursday or Friday night
- Weekend open house
- Offer date and what to expect on this day


Offer date

Current market conditions allow for offer dates. That means that you set up a date with the Seller in which you will gather all offers and review them on a specific date and time. Our job is to also guide the buyer agents to submit all documents in a clear and timely manner, so the Seller doesn't waste time reviewing offers of Buyers that are not qualified or outside time frames delaying the process.

If no offer date is set (because the location of the property or the market conditions are not right to set a date), then we review offers as we received them always making sure that the offers come from qualified buyers (making the right questions to the buyer agents is key).


Reviewing and negotiating offers

On offer date, we get together with the seller and review the offers together. We negotiate terms with the buyer agent in order to obtain the best conditions for our seller clients.

Offer accepted

Once the offer is accepted we send all documents to the parties involved for closing to take place (reason why we want to make sure we have the name and contact of the team of specialists involved in the process: mortgage broker, lawyers, inspectors, Etc). If conditions need to be met (financing condition, inspection condition, status certificate condition and any other), we follow up with the buyer agent to make sure conditions are removed in a timely manner and the Seller doesn't have to build any extra anxiety while the offer firms up

Conditions removed, offer is firm

Once the offer is firm, the next important aspect is closing. We help our seller clients to prepare for the closing date and send reminders about what the seller needs to do:

Buyer has the right to 2 - 3 visits before closing, so make sure that the visits are scheduled according to seller's expectations (within times and dates acceptable to him/her)
Remind the Seller to arrange all services needed for him/her to move out before closing date giving space to hand out the property to the Buyer in clean condition. If the seller made the commitment to carry out certain jobs at the house (correcting leaks, damages on floors, walls, appliances, etc), helping him to arrange/schedule the contractors is part of our services.

If the seller is moving to another property, then the steps of the Buying process also apply:
- Book the movers
- Transfer utilities
- Book the cleaners for their current and the new place


Closing date

Make sure Seller has: vacated the property, met with the lawyer to sign documents, delivered all keys to his/her lawyer to be submitted to the Buyer's lawyer, left the property in clean condition.

After closing

We continue to be in contact and provide them with information, tools, assistance, and access to contacts to address any issues that might arise (plumbing, electrical, legal, Etc.)

The time is now

Let us guide you on your Real Estate journey.