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The secret to selling a home: Staging & Design


We believe that home staging is incredibly important to creating the most value and end result in the sale of our client’s homes. Over the years, we have seen property values and end sale prices go up based on how the homes were presented during the selling process. Wouldn’t you want to buy a property if it was beautifully designed and you could actually picture yourself living there from the minute you walked in?  The answer is unanimously and always; yes.

It is important to know that staging goes beyond placing furniture, it often involves interior design, minor maintenance to the property, proper lighting, landscaping, painting, among other things. For us, it is part of our responsibility as agents to assess the property and make the best recommendations possible that enable the properties to shine – this process is crucial to creating the best results for our clients! You might think this is too overwhelming, where do you even start? Don’t worry, that’s why we take care of all this for you.

Example of homes we recently staged (and sold) for our clients:



Here are the top 5 reasons why we work with a professional stager for all our client’s sales :

  1. When the home is staged, it means that all rooms are carefully designed to create an emotional connection with the potential buyer. People can walk in and see themselves living in the space and imagine their day to day. They can immediately feel at home and there is much less translation and work to be done to close a sale.
  2. Buyers can visualize what the space can look like for them. They can imagine their own furniture in the space and make a calculation of their own valuables and how these will fit in.
  3. Enables the property photographs, video and virtual tour that we do to be incredibly inviting for potential buyers and attracts a lot more interest for visits and open houses.
  4. Having a staged home enhances the market’s perception of the property’s value and can lead to higher offers.
  5. It can generate more interested buyers generating multiple offers which usually translates into the best end sale price for the seller – many times going for higher than the most recent sale of a similar property in the building or neighbourhood.


All and all, home staging is key – the only downside (which is not really a downside) is that our clients sometimes love the home staging so much, they wonder why they are leaving when the space looks and feels so good! This is also something we can help with for our client’s new homes too!

Claudia + Jose

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