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April 2024 brought some intriguing dynamics to our market, mixing excitement with a bit of suspense. Here’s a quick and engaging roundup of what went down in the Toronto real estate scene last month.

Sales and Listings:
The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) saw 7,114 homes change hands, a 5% dip compared to April 2023. However, new listings skyrocketed by 47.2%, offering buyers more choices than ever. This surge resulted in the highest number of active listings for an April since 2018​.
Price Trends:
The average selling price in the GTA nudged up by a modest 0.3% year-over-year to $1,156,167. On a monthly basis, the seasonally adjusted average price rose by 1.5%, indicating a steady, albeit slow, upward trend​ (TRREB)​​ (Global News)​.
Many sellers are hopeful for an uptick in demand as we head deeper into spring. However, prospective buyers are playing the waiting game, anticipating potential interest rate cuts from the Bank of Canada in June. This cautious optimism is keeping the market balanced, with neither buyers nor sellers dominating​.
Expectations are set for lower borrowing costs in the coming months, which could tighten market conditions and spur price growth as we move into 2025. Market watchers are particularly focused on the potential interest rate cuts by the Bank of Canada, which are expected to inject fresh optimism into the market and ease mortgage burdens for future buyers. However, the central bank’s decision will also hinge on the broader economic outlook, inflation trends, and consumer spending patterns​