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We’re thrilled to sponsor 350 kite kits for Kite Week at Sprucecourt Public School, happening from June 3rd to June 6th, which will culminate in a community kite flying event at Riverdale Park West on the evening of June 6th.
Why do we think kite building is important?
These kite kits not only offer entertainment but also enrich learning, opening young minds to the wonders of science and the joy of outdoor activity.
Kite flying is more than just fun; it’s educational. The activity is linked to learning standards across various subjects, including Science & Math, Social Studies/History, Language Arts, and Fine Arts. Each kite kit includes everything needed to assemble and decorate a kite, making it a creative and accessible way to engage with fundamental concepts in an enjoyable setting.
Kite flying encourages learning, fosters social interaction, and creates unforgettable experiences in the natural world. We’re eager to see the creativity the children will showcase with their kite designs—the colors, drawings, and imaginative elements they choose to display. It will be thrilling to watch their creations take flight and soar through the sky!